The Worship, Prayer and Spirituality Group

The Worship, Prayer and Spirituality group is a focus group aiming to help deepen our prayer and worship and grow in our spiritual life. The group encourages and supports the offer of inspirational and engaging public worship, in many different settings, that spring from our experience of God in prayer. Public worship takes place in a great variety of contexts across the diocese, in schools, chaplaincies, fresh expressions of church, churches small and large and of many different styles and traditions.

The Worship, Prayer and Spirituality Group helps to share resources, ideas and good practice and ensure training and learning for those who wish to develop in the preparation and leading of public worship. The group exists to encourage individuals and communities to grow in prayer, to be a resource for worship, and through prayer, worship and spiritual life, help us all make deeper connections with God and with the people around us.

Worship, prayer and spirituality are all core aspects of church and Christian life. They are going on all the time across the whole diocese. The group acts as a connector, joining up parts of Diocesan life that can sometimes feel rather disparate, and providing a place for gathering and resourcing  these essential elements of what it means to be Christian and to be Church.

We do this by:-

  • Promoting training and good practice in all aspects of worship and liturgy
  • Facilitating the continuing spiritual formation of all licensed ministers (lay and ordained) as teachers and encouragers of prayer
  • Promoting Schools of Prayer, quiet days, retreats, ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, and imaginative ways of nourishing the spiritual life of individuals and communities
  • Promoting the training and supervision of spiritual directors
  • Providing a forum where different traditions in worship and spirituality can interact to form a reservoir of wisdom that enriches our discipleship
  • Connecting with schools and young people, and exploring how best to share resources
  • Becoming a resource in the Diocese which can respond to particular needs or occasions as they arise in the life of the Church
  • Providing worship & prayer resources for our festival churches on a regular basis and liaising with Growing the Rural Church Project
  • Liaising with Mission Community Development Teams and Diocesan officers to ensure that our efforts are coordinated
  • Liaising with officers and bodies in the wider Church with similar responsibilities

The Rt Rev’d Jackie Searle Bishop of Crediton


The Bishop of Crediton Chair

Prebendary Philip Sourbut, Director of Mission and Ministry

Chloe Axford, Director of Communication

Canon James Mustard, Precentor

Prebendary Kathy Roberts, Chair of Spiritual Direction Referral Service Steering Group

Sue Lockwood, representing the Education Team

Diocesan Children’s Adviser

Andrew Maries, representing Praxis

Diocesan Spirituality Adviser

Canon Michael Rogers, Exploring Spirituality Course

Jon Curtis, Lay Development Officer