CAPTION: People are being encouraged to tie ribbons to the church railings to remember a loved one

Ribbons of Remembrance

Posted: 3rd July, 2020

A church in Exeter has found a simple way to help people remember others and process some of the loss they might be feeling in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

St Thomas Church is encouraging people to tie a “ribbon of remembrance” on railings outside the church, which is on a  main street in the centre of St Thomas.

People said they found tying the ribbons helpful

So far around 60 ribbons have been tied, some with messages or prayers written on them.

The curate, the Reverend Sarah Cumming, said: “We were having lots of conversations on the theme of loss and we came up with this idea to try to help the community. It’s called a Time to Mourn.

“We have a notice up on the railings encouraging people to take a ribbon and tie it on.

“It is something physical they can do to mark their loss.

“People have said they have found it very helpful.

“It is a glorious riot of all sorts of colours.”

One person wrote on the church’s blog: “Today helped me so much , I tied my ribbon and each time I go past I will smile and think of my sister.”

Sarah said eventually the church hoped to gather up all the ribbons together in a picture or tapestry to mark this time.

“The ribbons are in a public place, but what people are sharing is very private,” she added.