Benefits to Governors

There are countless benefits of volunteering as a school governor.

Each and every governor will experience different benefits from volunteering. We are confident that everyone takes away at least as much as they put in, and often, plenty more besides!

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The governors we work with tell us that they value the opportunity to:

#1. Lead

Schools, federations and multi academy trusts are complex organisations which have a public duty to ‘get it right’. Serving on governance boards will give you first hand experience of leadership and strategy. Whether you are developing or honing your leadership skills, they will be tangible, transferable and, for some, professionally valuable.

#2. Serve

All governors have made a positive decision to undertake public service. The education of our children and young people is a critical importance and being able to influence the quality of that education is hugely satisfying.

Volunteering brings its’ own benefits, not least of which are a sense of purpose, increased self-confidence and a greater sense of social connectedness. For some, the desire to serve is an important expression of their personal faith and a commitment to serve God with joy. Others may be motivated by a desire to give something back or to develop new skills.

Whatever your motivation, you will be highly valued and there are few volunteering opportunities which have such a big impact.

#3. Develop

Serving as a school governor will give you the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills from teamwork, decision making, negotiation and influencing to business awareness, financial planning and technical skills.

There is lots of training and support on offer, and governors tell us that the personal and professional development is a hugely satisfying – and sometimes unexpected –part of the role.

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