Bishop Robert’s Messages and Ad Clerums

Every year Bishop Robert sends out four Ad Clerums, which in Latin means “To the Clergy”. These are newsletters to the clergy and Readers from Bishop Robert and are available for all to read.

During the coronavirus crisis Bishop Robert is also sending regular updates which can be viewed below.


Advent 2020

Ad Clerum 5 November 2020

Exeter Diocesan Synod Presidential Address by Bishop Robert 17 October

Michaelmas 2020

Coronavirus Guidance (Update 17) 9 July

Coronavirus Guidance (Update 16) 30 June

Advice on conducting public worship 30 June

NHS Liturgical Resources 30 June

Building Strong Connections Survey Logo 30 June

Coronavirus Guidance (Update 15) 10 June

Coronavirus Guidance (Update 14) 5 June

COVID 19 Advice for Clergy Conducting Baptisms 5 June

COVID 19 Advice for Clergy Conducting Weddings 5 June

COVID 19 Advice on Conducting Funerals 5 June

COVID 19 Advice on Individual Private Prayer 5 June

Coronavirus Guidance (Update 13) 3 June

Re-entering our church buildings 3 June

Lament, Thanksgiving and Restoration 3 June

Remembering and Memorials 3 June

Ascension Ad Clerum and Coronavirus (Update 12) 21 May 2020

Letter from Exeter Cathedral Dean May 2020

Coronavirus Guidance (Update 11)  7 May

Coronavirus Guidance (Update 10) 22 April

Telephone support in bereavement 22-April

Coronavirus Guidance (Update 9) 31 March 

Guidance on mental health and wellbeing and Coronavirus-31 March

Covid-19 Funeral Guidance-31 March

A reflection for those unable to attend a funeral-31 March

Covid-19 Pastoral support for those dying at home-31 March

Funeral at a Crematorium- 31 March

Funeral at the Graveside-31 March

Coronavirus Guidance (Update 8) 28 March

Letter from the Archbishops and Diocesan Bishops – 27 March

Coronavirus Guidance (Update 7) 24 March

Coronavirus Key Workers Briefing – 24 March

Trauma- Thoughts for ministers during the first phase of coronavirus-24 March

Coronavirus Guidance (Update 6) 19 March

FAQs 19 March

Spiritual Communion – 19 March

Healthcare Chaplaincy – 19 March

Coronavirus Guidance (Update 5) 17 March

Letter from the Archbishops – 17 March

Coronavirus Guidance (Update 4) 12 March

Coronavirus Guidance (Update 3) 10 March

Coronavirus Guidance (Update 2) 6 March

Coronavirus Prayers 6 March

Coronavirus Guidance (Update 1) 5 March

Coronavirus Guidance – 4 March


Christmas Message 2019

Easter Message 2019

Maundy Thursday 2019: Chrism Eucharist

AD CLERUM 2019 Passiontide