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Caption: Socially distanced praise and worship team in Thika Cathedral

Diocese of Exeter links with dioceses abroad

Having friends abroad who share the same vision and face similar challenges to us but are working them out in different places can be an enriching experience.

Hearing news of one another’s highs and lows and journeying together in mutual prayer and encouragement is what lies at the heart of our official links with dioceses abroad.

The three-way link between Exeter Diocese, Thika Diocese in Kenya and the Cyprus and the Gulf Diocese was reaffirmed during Bishop Robert’s visit to Thika in 2016. The reaffirmation of the covenant was signed by Bishop Robert, Bishop Julius of Thika and Bishop Michael Cyprus of and the Gulf. The vision for this link between the three dioceses is one of enlivening and enriching our mutual experience of faith.

We are on this journey with the following overseas dioceses:

Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf

The Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf includes Cyprus, Iraq, Yemen and the Gulf States including Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dabi and Oman.

It is an enormous Diocese which spans approximately 2,000 miles. In Cyprus there are several Chaplaincies which serve congregations of expatriate and many international Christians. Chaplaincies also provide a Mission to seafarers while Military Chaplains minister to service and UN personnel.

As a Diocese we encourage our parishes to purchase Palm Crosses from palms which have grown in the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf. We also offer some financial support in the selection and training of ordinands for the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf.

To find out more about this link contact the The Venerable Nick Shutt Archdeacon of Plymouth.


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Diocese of Thika, Kenya

The Diocese of Thika is in central Kenya. It is a young Diocese having been established in 1998 but has experienced explosive growth over that time. We hope that through our link with Thika we may learn some valuable lessons that will stimulate growth in the Exeter Diocese.

Farmers in parts of Thika Diocese are suffering food shortages due to a changing climate and lack of rainfall. The Farming God’s Way project teaches them how to harvest the little rain there is and grow drought-resistant crops. The Diocese of Exeter Thika Link team is trying to raise £13,000 to keep the project going and train 200 farmers.  Please click here for more information

Thika Update April 2021

Thungururu Update January 2021

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Thika Update January 2020

To find out more please contact Archdeacon Nick Shutt or Jane Inwood by emailing Thika Link.

Melanesian Mission

Partnership in the Gospel: A report based on the vision of the Archbishop of Melanesia.

The Melanesian Mission is an Anglican mission agency that provides support to the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACoM) through prayer, people and giving. ACoM covers the Solomon Islands, New Caledonia and Vanuatu and works through parishes, church schools, the Mothers’ Union and the four Anglican Religious orders in the region – the Melanesian Brothers, the Community of the Sisters of Melanesia, the Community of the Sisters of the Church, and the Society of Saint Francis.

Exeter Diocese has a long association with the people of Melanesia, stretching back to their first bishop – John Coleridge Patteson, who came from Feniton and was curate at Alfington, in East Devon.

By building a relationship between the people of Melanesia and Britain, today the Melanesian Mission aims to be:

  • a channel that fosters a sense of communion and Christian community between the UK and Melanesia
  • a voice for Melanesians and ACoM at times when their own voice cannot be heard or needs extra support

The work of the Melanesian Mission is:

  • to help people in the UK and in Melanesia to share and deepen Christian spirituality, relationships and prayer for the benefit of both regions
  • to speak out on issues that affect Melanesia and its peoples
  • to work with the ACoM to emphasise the values and benefits of Christian education work in Melanesia and the UK
  • to support the work carried out by Diocesan, Church, Companion and School Partnerships.

There are a number of ways that Devon parishes, congregations and schools can link with Melanesia through prayer, people and giving. School partnerships have been successful in the Diocese, with a number of joint school projects, learning opportunities and teacher exchanges.

To find out more about this link contact, contact Executive Officer – Mrs Katie Drew, Melanesian Mission, 21 The Burlands, Feniton, Honiton, EX14 3UN, email, website www.mmuk.net, Twitter @MelanesianM, Tel: 01404 851656.

The following article by Alex Leger is an extract taken from the Summer 2017 edition of Melanesia NewsDisappearing Islands

Roman Catholic Diocese of Bayeux-Lisieux, France

This link has enjoyed the opportunity to meet and explore matters of common concern.

This is achieved through a bi-annual pattern of:

  • A preacher exchange during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.
  • A small conference style gathering (theological symposium)

It is particularly popular with those in the diocese with a love for and a working knowledge of French!

To find out more about this link contact the Revd Dr David Nixon