Diocesan Staff

Bishops’ Offices

The Bishop of Exeter
The Rt Rev Robert Atwell: 01392 272362
Email the Bishop

The Bishop of Exeter’s Executive Assistant
Justine Tear 01392 272362
Email Justine Tear

The Bishop of Exeter’s Secretary
Claire Sherlock 01392 272362
Email Claire Sherlock

The Bishop’s Chaplain
The Rev Preb Graham Stones 01392 272362
Email Graham Stones

The Bishop of Crediton
The Rt Rev Jackie Searle
Email the Bishop

The Bishop of Crediton’s Personal Assistant
Lawder Smith 01884 250002
Email Lawder Smith

The Bishop of Plymouth
The Rt Rev Nick McKinnel
Email the Bishop

The Bishop of Plymouth’s Personal Assistant
Helen Filewod 01752 500059
Email Helen Filewod

Archdeacons’ Offices

The Archdeacon of Barnstaple
The Venerable Dr Mark Butchers 01271 375475
Email the Archdeacon

The Archdeacon of Barnstaple’s Personal Assistant
Jacque Ward 01271 375475
Email the Archdeacon
This office is open from 9am-1pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

The Archdeacon of Exeter
The Venerable Andrew Beane 01392 425577
Email the Archdeacon

The Archdeacon of Exeter’s Personal Assistant
Peter Colebrook 01392 425577
Email Peter Colebrook
This office is open from 8.30am-1.30pm, Monday-Thursday

The Archdeacon of Plymouth
The Venerable Nick Shutt 01752 858382
Email the Archdeacon

The Archdeacon of Plymouth’s Personal Assistant
Debbie Delaney 01752 858382
Email the Archdeacon
This office is open from 9.30am to 12.30pm Monday – Thursday

The Archdeacon of Totnes
The Venerable Douglas Dettmer 01626 832064
Email the Archdeacon

The Archdeacon of Totnes’ Personal Assistant
Chris Brathwaite 01626 832064
Email the Archdeacon

Children and Young People

Diocesan Director of Education
John Searson 01392 294950
Email John Searson

Diocesan Deputy Director of Education
Sue Lockwood 01392 294933
Email Sue Lockwood

Diocesan Education Advisers:

Governance, Admissions and School Organisation
Christina Mabin 01392 294939
Email Christina Mabin

Lead on RE and SIAMS
Ed Pawson 01392 294943
Email Ed Pawson

Projects and Vulnerable Pupils
Tatiana Wilson 01392 294941
Email Tatiana Wilson

Higher Education Chaplaincy Adviser
Rev Preb Cate Edmonds 01392 294950 & 07850 112977
Email Cate Edmonds

School and College Chaplaincy Adviser
Rev James Grier 07825 610288
Email James Grier

Diocesan Education Officers:

Training and Traded Services
Fran Bradley 01392 294921
Email Fran Bradley

Compliance Communication and EDBE Support
Sarah Owen 01392 294938
Email Sarah Owen

New Schools Lead
Charlotte Weston 07876 541 561
Email Charlotte Weston

Website Content and General Office Administration
Angela Parker 01392 294950
Email Angela Parker

Common Tenure

Contact your archdeacon.


Communications and Engagement Director
Chloe Axford 01392 294905
Email Chloe Axford

Communications and Engagement Officer: Multimedia Storyteller
Matt Prior 01392 294966
Email Matt Prior

Communications and Engagement Officer: Website, Marketing and Publications
Katharine Otley 01392 294904
Email Katharine Otley


For Yearbook and all contact changes
Janet Goddard 01392 294900
Email Janet Goddard

Church Buildings Office

Senior Church Buildings Adviser and Diocesan Advisory Committee Secretary
Nigel Pratt 01392 294944
Email Nigel Pratt

Church Buildings Adviser
Charlotte Vickers 01392 294945
Email Charlotte Vickers

Diocesan Secretary

Diocesan Secretary
Stephen Hancock 01392 294927
Email Stephen Hancock

Operations Manager & Executive Assistant to the Diocesan Secretary
Annemarie Kendell 01392 294901
Email Annemarie Kendell


Director of Finance
Neil Williams 01392 294925
Email Neil Williams

Finance Manager
Michelle Clark 01392 294926
Email Michelle Clark

Finance Officer
Jessica Phillips 01392 294917
Email Jessica Phillips

Finance Officer
Serena Nott 01392 294949
Email Serena Nott

Finance Assistant
Cathy Thorne 01392 294914
Email Cathy Thorne

Finance Assistant
Sharon Deacon 01392 294916
Email Sharon Deacon

Growing the Rural Church Project

Project Manager
Sarah Cracknell 01392 294902
Email Sarah Cracknell

Growing the Rural Church Project Officer
Sam Upham 01392 294915
Email Sam Upham

Growing the Rural Church Project Officer

Executive Officer (currently on maternity leave)
Sophie West 01392 294907
Email Sophie West

Mission and Ministry

Director of Mission and Ministry
The Rev Preb. Philip Sourbut 01392 294903
Email Philip Sourbut

PA to the Director of Mission and Ministry
Cathy Scoffield 01392 294973
Email Cathy Scoffield

Readers’ Administrator
Hannah Cross 01392 294911
Email Hannah Cross

Jenny Beesley 01392 294918
Email Jenny Beesley

Children’s Work Adviser

Mission Adviser 0-5 years
Clare Cooke 01392 294932 (Tuesday and Wednesday)
Email Clare Cooke

Youth Church Adviser
The Rev James Grier 07825 610288
Email James Grier

Church & Society Officer
Chris Keppie 01392 294924
Email Chris Keppie

Diocesan Mission Enabler
The Rev Barry Dugmore 01392 294920
Email Barry Dugmore

Education for Discipleship (SWMTC)
The Rev David Carrington
Email David Carrington

Lay Discipleship Project Manager
Jon Curtis 01392 294963
Email Jon Curtis

Mission Community Development Team Leader
Development Adviser for Plymouth Archdeaconry
The Rev Jon Marlow Tel: 01392 294942 Email Jon

Development Adviser for Barnstaple Archdeaconry
Mike Clark Tel: 07889 570159 Email Mike

Development Adviser for Exeter Archdeaconry
Penny Doe Tel: 01392 294930 Email Penny

Development Adviser for Totnes Archdeaconry
Sam Upham Tel: 07889 542631 Email Sam

Mission Resources Adviser
Brigit Kiyaga 01392 294964
Email Brigit Kiyaga

Mission Resources Assistant Adviser
Stephen Mitchell 01392 294960
Email Stephen

Mission & Pastoral Office

Secretary to the Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Committee
Adrian Hough 01392 294910
Email Adrian Hough

Designated Officer for the Pastoral (Benefices) Measure and Mapping Officer
Alistair Sutherland 01392 294968
Email Alistair Sutherland

Property Services

Director of Property
Graham Davies 01392 294954
Email Graham Davies

Secretary and Administrator
Judith Feltham 01392 294954
Email Judith Feltham

Administrator School Buildings
Harry Tear 01392 294952
Email Harry Tear

Diocesan Surveyor (Education)
Jason Down 01392 294952
Email Jason Down

Diocesan Surveyor (Education)
Richard Power 01392 294952
Email Richard Power

Schools Funding Adviser
Laurelie Gifford 01392 294913
Email Laurelie Gifford

Diocesan Surveyor (Clergy housing)
Mark Lewis 01392 294954
Email Mark Lewis

Diocesan Surveyor (Clergy housing)
Peter Stanton 01392 294954
Email Peter Stanton

Faith Cummins 01392 294953
Email Faith Cummins


Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser
Charles Pitman
Telephone: 01392 345909
Email Charles Pitman

Assistant Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser
Phill Parker 01392 294969
Email Phill Parker

Assistant Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser
James May 01392 345910
Email James May

Administrator for Safeguarding and DBS Co-ordinator
Hilary Burrow 01392 294975
Email Hilary Burrow


Director of People and Safeguarding
Anthea Carter-Savigear 01392 294947
Email Anthea

People Assistant 
Nadine Marriott 01392 294959
Email Nadine

Synod Office

Assistant Diocesan Secretary
Ed Moffatt 01392 294928
Email Ed Moffatt

Executive Assistant
Sara Ashton 01392 294931
Email Sara Ashton

Executive Officer
Hannah Cross 01392 294911
Email Hannah Cross


Director of Ordinands
The Rev John Fisher 01392 345906
Email John Fisher

PA to The Director of Ordinands
Andrew Godsall 01392 345907
Email Andrew Godsall

Vocations Development officer
Hannah Mears 01392 294923
Email Hannah Mears

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