Key aims for 2018-19

The diagram below helps to show the key aims we are focussing on in 2018/19, taken from our vision and strategy. There is of course a lot of highly valued and important work going on in our mission communities and parishes, and in our central offices at the Old Deanery that doesn’t appear on this diagram. It is intended to show what we are focussing on in the next 18 months to support and resource our parishes and mission communities. These aims and priorities will be kept under review from year to year. Hover your cursor over the boxes and click on the links to see more, and scroll down the page for further detail.

The Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven

pray grow serve with joy

Leadership, Finance and Governance

Transformative Ministry: exploring new models of church

Transformative Mission: creating capacity to enable change

Engagement with church and community

Models to simplify and integrate governance

Common Fund review

Revised long term financial plan

Continue exploring new models of urban ministry e.g. Resource Churches, ministry in the new towns

Reflect on minster models in market/seaside towns

Develop SSM and interim ministry strategy

Renew Mission Community Development Team

Develop new strategic bid(s) to the Church Commissioners

Develop lay training capacity

Develop ways to strengthen children’s/youth work

Focus on engagement and mission with older people

Bishops in Mission follow up + Vision roadshows


Our overarching vision – what we are all working towards – is the vision of the Lord’s Prayer: ‘Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ and that has shaped our three priorities to grow in prayer, make new disciples and serve the people of Devon with joy.

Our areas of focus through to the end of 2019 are the four areas set out above: leadership, finance and governance, transformative ministry, transformative mission and engaging with church and community. For each of those we have particular tasks set out and the work on those can be seen by hovering over and clicking on the links. Some of this work is already underway and we can direct you to more detail about it on this website, while some of it is still at an early stage and more details will follow.

We want to listen to your thoughts on our priorities and your suggestions for what we can do better and we are finding new ways to ensure we have better opportunities to listen – to people in our churches, to our church leaders, to our communities and community leaders and to everyone who lives in Devon.

A PDF version of the above diagram is available here: Key aims for 2018-19.

Our Vision

Growing in prayer, Making new disciples, Serving the people of Devon with joy
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