Key aims for 2019-24

The diagram below shows the key aims we are focussing on in 2019-24, taken from our vision and strategy. There is of course a lot of highly valued and important work going on in our mission communities and parishes, and in our central offices, which doesn’t appear on this diagram. It is intended to show what we will be focussing on over the next five years to support and resource our parishes and mission communities.

Our overarching vision – what we are all working towards – is the vision of the Lord’s Prayer: ‘Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ and that has shaped our three priorities to grow in prayer, make new disciples and serve the people of Devon with joy.

We have identified 4 key groups whom we aim to reach:

1)   Children, young people and families

2)   Youth aged 17- 25

3)   People over the age of 55

4)   People on the fringe of church (those who have an interest in church and may attend some events, but are not fully engaged).

The particular ways in which will reach out to these groups are listed in the right hand section of the diagram.

A PDF version of the above diagram is available here: Key aims for 2019-2024.