CAPTION: The evening of prayer made it onto the local TV news

Church leaders across Exeter join together for online prayer gathering

Posted: 30th March, 2020

Although churches are closed and physical Sunday services are suspended, this has not stopped churches finding new and creative ways to gather together, pray and worship.

Rediscover Church running a course via Zoom

Many churches have been using platforms such as Zoom and Facebook Live to stay connected.

Last Sunday, Rediscover Church hosted an online prayer gathering called ‘Exeter Prays’ with leaders from churches across Exeter.

They were using a service called StreamYard which enabled them to switch between leaders from different churches who were all broadcasting from their own homes.

Jason Ham, the Communications Coordinator at Rediscover Church, said: “Through the power of technology and embracing the online world during these times when we cannot meet in person, we can still connect and build community.

“As churches and Christians, now is the time to embrace these online tools, for some it’s going to be a steep learning curve but you will find it’s easy to use and the benefits are incredible.”

The prayer event was reported on BBC Spotlight, local TV News.

You can read about other online resources and ideas for how to stay connected here, and you can join our CofE Devon Comms and Digital Facebook group here.