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The Theology of Giving

The book of Ruth begins by telling us the story of a young widow’s selfless devotion to her mother in law, Naomi. After the deaths of their husbands, they return to Naomi’s home land, Judah, and meet Boaz. Boaz, in a remarkable way, redeems and provides for both Ruth and Naomi. Praising Ruth’s devotion to Naomi, he asks his workers on the grain field to leave extra grain behind which Ruth is allowed to pick up. Eventually he marries Ruth, providing support for her and Naomi. Naomi’s despair makes way for hope and security and the community praises God for her rescue.

This story is one of many examples in Scripture in which an individual and a community responds to the Giver of Life with gratitude, generosity and giving. The church is invited to participate in the mission of God and respond to Him with the same attributes we see in the lives of Ruth, Boaz and Naomi.

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