Baptisms & Christenings

Our warmest congratulations to you if you have recently experienced the joy and wonder of the arrival of a new child. Like many people at this wonderful stage of life, you may be looking for a way to thank God for giving you such an amazing gift. We would count it a privilege to offer you the opportunity to do just that, with our special service for baptism.

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We sometimes use the words ‘baptism’ and ‘christening’ interchangeably – a baby or young child is ‘baptised’ in a ‘christening service’.

Information for Parents

More information about Baptisms, Christening and Thanksgiving Services can be found here:

Church of England website; and information on Thanksgiving services.

Information for Churches

If you are a minister or someone involved with the planning baptism services, visit the Church of England’s Church Support Hub for lots of ideas and support.



Baptism Toolkit

The Diocese of Ely has produced a ’baptism toolkit’ to inspire you and help you think about your baptism ministry. The hope is that it will help equip you by providing helpful advice and information about baptism ministry and follow up ideas and resources. It is intended for baptism ministry with families of those coming for a baptism of a child aged under 12.

Download a copy of the Baptism Toolkit – Download the Baptism Toolkit


Baptism Preparation

Starting Rite

Starting Rite is a 5 week course for parents and babies and also works brilliantly as part of baptism preparation or to offer as a follow up course following a baptism. The last chapter of the book includes a detailed description of how to hold a baptism preparation evening. Find out more and purchase the book here.


Baptism Service


The Baptingle is a great way to engage children in the symbolism of a baptism. At the start of the service everyone can be given a Baptingle kit in readiness for the explanation, and they enjoyed creating these, ‘Messy Church’ style, before the baptism takes place. The apple represents the world, and is surrounded by blue ribbon, which stands for the cleansing water of baptism. Attached with cocktail sticks, four sweets symbolise God’s love (as a heart sweet), the baby (a jelly baby), the Godparents (mini faces) and the baby’s name. This is all topped off with a candle representing Jesus the light of the world.


The Baptism Cube

Aimed at children aged 3+, this sturdy, robust cube is a perfect gift for a child about to be baptised or for an older sibling of a baby being baptised. In a fun, interactive way, it helps children to learn about the main features and symbols of the baptism service. Purchase a Baptism Cube here.

“Baptism Cubes are also available to borrow from the Diocese of Exeter office (please contact Clare Cooke)”

This is a perfect reminder of a special day in a child’s life. The illustrations are matched by those in My Baptism Book (hardback) (paperback).


Baptism Follow-up

Baptism Books

Research has shown that families who have attended Baptism have an expectation that the church will be in touch with them. So they are waiting… By having their child Baptised they have shown an interest in starting on a spiritual journey and the church has a role to play in this. Baptism Books is a way of helping churches keep their promise to baptism parents to ‘welcome baptised children and uphold them in their new lives in Christ’.  Find out more here.


Soul (Food) Baptism

If you subscribe to this resource, you receive bite-size thoughts about Baptism on a daily basis. Families might like to subscribe following on from the Thanksgiving or Baptism of their child. Follow this link to sign up or share the link with your baptism contacts.


For further information please contact:

Sharon Blyth

Children & Families Mission Adviser

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Thinking about Adult Baptism?

If you are or know someone who is thinking about getting baptised as an adult, please Email the Mission and Ministry Team

We would love to hear from you and you are not alone.