CAPTION: Individuals, groups of friends and church congregations in total filled over 230hours of continuous prayer over the 10 days of Thy Kingdom Come

24hour Zoom Prayer Room Sparks Enthusiasm to Grow in Prayer

Posted: 1st June, 2021

For Thy Kingdom Come 2021, a 24/7 online prayer room was filled with continuous prayer for 10 days. Over 230 hours were filled with people praying individually and in groups with others praying offline during the period as well.

Groups prayed together in the same prayer slot following guided prayer or other prayer activities

Diocesan Mission Enabler and organiser of the event Rev’d Preb James Grier said, “It has been so moving to see people signing up for multiple hours in the middle of the night, or staying on for an extra hour, when someone’s alarm failed. In all at least 250 people took part and not just from Anglican churches.

“I am in awe of people’s commitment and the efforts they have put in.”

The prayer room time was split into hour long slots.

Individuals and groups spent their designated time reading Bible passages and reflecting, expressing prayer through drawing, writing and creative outlets, praying for mission communities, people and causes, or praying freely as they felt led.

Here are some reflections from those who took part:

  • “It was really helpful to sit and be quiet and still, I never think I have time, but I managed 2hrs, I need to keep finding time!”
  • “It was wonderful to know people were praying throughout the day and night. I loved praying and listening to the dawn chorus at the same time.”
  • “It is isn’t as scary or daunting as you’d think! We structured our hour ie 10 mins praying for the 5, 10 mins for those in our Mission Community and the Diocese, etc opening it wider each time for people to come to know Jesus. The time whizzed by!”
  • “During the 10 days, as I was turning to sleep (and not due to pray!) I always was conscious that someone was praying and would be all night.”
  • “Using the Zoom format and the ease in which it was both communicated and then worked out for all users has encouraged us to consider how we might do this in our mission community.”

Participants used drawing, creative writing and music in their hour of prayer.

The success of the Prayer Room has reminded participants of the importance of prayer and inspired people to prioritise regular uninterrupted prayer.

Rev’d James said “Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t wait until next year for an extended time of prayer? I’d encourage every church to look at a weekly or monthly prayer meeting. You never know, it could become the highlight of your week.”


Five Alive Mission Community

Also for Thy Kingdom Come Five Alive, East Devon, Mission Community conducted their own 12 hour ‘Prayer Chain’ on Thursday, the 20th of May for Thy Kingdom Come which involved someone praying on the telephone every half hour from 7am in the morning to 7pm at night across the Mission Community.

Individuals and couples praying in their slot were asked to include prayers for five members of their family or five friends to come to know Jesus.

Thy Kingdom Come display in Yarcombe Church

After praying, the caller would then ring the next person on the list and pray the Lord’s prayer with them before hanging up.

The Mission Community also had a team of people giving out Prayer Journals and Novenas across the Mission Community and visiting people who may not have seen anyone for a while.

Caroline Nunns from Dalwood Church in Five Alive Mission Community said, “Many of the congregations are elderly, some are unwell, so these visits have been particularly welcomed by those who have been shielding and unable to attend zoom or church services .”

Family Prayer Maps and Cheeky Panda prayer books were also given out to young members of the community and the word was spread that anyone who wishes to should pray the Lord’s Prayer at 5pm each day so that school children could join in.

On Sunday, 23rd May there was a community picnic for everyone to complete Thy Kingdom Come with a Pentecost Praise service at Yarcombe at 6pm.


Two Rivers Mission Community

Two Rivers Prayer Tree

Two River Mission Community also held variety of activities for Thy Kingdom Come.

These included a prayer walk around High Bick and another around St Giles, everyone was invited for daily prayer using Archbishop Steven’s prayer journal, and children and families were encouraged to create Prayer Trees, writing or drawing a prayer and hanging it on a tree in the Church porch or churchyard.


Coming up…

Still to come for Thy Kingdom Come 2021 is the South West Awake Initiative surrounding the South West in prayer with people along the whole coast path. Read more here.