CAPTION: Harvest is the perfect time to hold a generosity week

A Generous Harvest

Posted: 31st August, 2021

Generosity week is a great opportunity for you and your church to take time and space to reflect on God’s generosity.

The national church has prepared some excellent resources that can help you do so, which include service materials, podcasts, discipleship resources and activities.

Diocese Mission Resources Adviser, Brigit Kiyaga tells us why generosity week.

“When I first started my role, I already had a great passion for generosity and over the years this has continued to grow, building on some incredible Bible passages that I have come across that speak so loudly about God’s generosity.

“The Christian faith is all about responding to a God who has been so incredibly generous to us.

“He gave us the gift of salvation and much more.

“He is inviting us to respond to him, to give to him and our neighbours generously with our time, talents and resources.”

The Harvest Festival is a special occasion where we give thanks to God for the produce of the land and this is often accompanied by bringing resources in to our churches to support or local foodbanks or others.

It is a time in the year where churches frequently plan for a Stewardship Sunday.

New this year in 2021 is the incredible range of resources that churches can tap into.

Dependent on your individual context you can choose to use as many or as little as is appropriate.

Materials for up to 8 days of pondering on God’s generosity are free to access at any time.

You can find some additional resources for use on social media and on the Church of England website.