CAPTION: Bishop Jackie donated the cost of her vaccine to the Christian Aid Thanksgiving Appeal, which is supporting people like this lady in Benue State, Nigeria

Bishop Of Crediton Backs Calls For Global Covid-19 Vaccine Equity

Posted: 25th May, 2021

The Bishop of Crediton is supporting widespread calls to boost the number of people receiving coronavirus vaccines worldwide.

The Right Reverend Jackie Searle is encouraging people to donate the cost of their vaccines to charities like Christian Aid and Unicef which are working to get Covid-19 vaccines to the people who need them.

She said: “Following my first dose of the vaccine, I made a donation to Christian Aid in thanksgiving and in recognition that everyone in the whole world needs protection from Covid.

“Covid-19 is a global disease that needs global solutions.” Rev’d Prof Gina Radford

“Unicef and Christian Aid are doing a fantastic job to support those in need around the world.

Faith and leaders say making sure everyone has access to the vaccine is about “human solidarity”

“I encourage anyone who has had the jab to donate, giving thanks for the amazing skills of scientists who have developed the vaccine and ensuring the gift that we have received can be shared with others.”

Faith leaders and health and humanitarian leaders have called for greater vaccine equity between rich countries and developing nations.

The Archbishop of Canterbury and Muslim and Jewish leaders have said that “no-one is safe from Covid-19 until everyone is safe.” and that global leaders must choose between “vaccine nationalism and human solidarity.”

The Rev’d Professor Gina Radford, who has been advising the Church of England and the Diocese of Exeter on public health during the pandemic, said “Covid-19 is a global disease that needs global solutions.

“Enabling the whole world to be vaccinated makes sense from a Christian perspective as it shows love and care in action.

Ibrahim is being supported as part of a Christian Aid project to reach those impacted by Covid-19 in Nigeria

“It also makes sense from a practical level, because until everyone is offered this vaccine, this disease remains a threat to us all.

“Let’s do what we can so that as many people as possible can have access to the vaccine – a real example of love in action.”

The Church of England is officially endorsing the Vaccinaid programme, which is being led by Unicef. It provides an online giving platform for people to donate the cost of their jabs.

Christian Aid also has a Give Thanks for Your Virus Appeal

Chris Keppie, the Church and Society Officer for the Diocese of Exeter, said “So many people around the world in poorer countries don’t have free healthcare provision or vaccination programmes.

“The brilliant Christian Aid and Unicef campaigns easily enable us to help our less fortunate global sisters and brothers, to love our neighbours. Let’s all donate when we get our jabs – or retrospectively if already done, and also give through church donations, to ‘give the world a shot’!”

Christian Aid Covid-19 Prayer

God of Hope, Sustainer of all life, We give You thanks for the coronavirus vaccines, for the skill and wisdom of scientists, NHS staff and key workers. By the power of Your Spirit, may we overflow with hope and joy as we see our friends, families and neighbours protected. God of Justice, Protector of the vulnerable, may we be your well-washed hands and willing feet. Move us to give and act, to challenge the injustices that anger You. May we seek to protect all Your children, particularly those for whom the vaccine is out of reach. With hope and trust we pray, Amen.