CAPTION: Bishop Nick says the Christian Aid appeal is an opportunity to help vulnerable people in a practical way

Bishop Takes Bath for Christian Aid Christmas Soap Appeal

Posted: 30th November, 2020

The humble bar of soap has become a key tool in the global fight against coronavirus across the world this year and the Bishop of Plymouth is joining with the charity Christian Aid to encourage people to put it at the top of their 2020 Christmas list.

The charity is hoping people will buy the traditional Christmas gift of soap for the world’s most vulnerable people as well as for loved ones closer to home to help save lives worldwide.

Three billion people (40% of the world’s population) do not have access to soap and water at home, making regular hand washing very difficult.

In a bid to help some of the world’s most vulnerable people protect themselves from coronavirus, Christian Aid has provided soap for almost 250,000 people worldwide since the pandemic began.

“Please put soap on your Christmas list”

The Right Reverend Nick McKinnel said, “Across Devon and across the world we have seen how Covid-19 has devastated lives and livelihoods, instilled fear and forced already vulnerable people into even more desperate poverty.

“But as we look to Christmas we turn our eyes to Jesus whose life in a time of oppression and fear brought the good news of God’s love in a way that has transformed our world.

“We are reminded that ‘the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it’ as God walks with us and works through us to offer his light and love.

“We know how important handwashing is in this current pandemic and Christian Aid’s Christmas Appeal gives us the opportunity to serve some of the world’s most vulnerable people in a practical way.

“Please put soap on your Christmas list by making a charity gift and help Christian Aid offer hope and save lives.”

Digital Giving

Lockdown and social distancing has meant many churches have turned to digital worship and connection this year. That means many traditional charity collections have not been possible.

Christian Aid has responded to this by expanding its digital gift selection to include a Charity Gift enabling supporters to help train more women to make soap for £15 or help provide clean water for £30.

Refugees living in crowded camps are particularly vulnerable to disease and since April 2020 Christian Aid partner organisations in Bangladesh have provided over 40,000 bars of soap for Rohingya families and the local host community.

In Ethiopia where coronavirus is an additional threat to lives on top of the climate crisis and the locust swarms of 2020, Christian Aid partners are training women to make soap from the drought resistant aloe vera plant. The soap not only protects the women’s own families but provides a vital source of income.

To find out more about Christian Aid’s Christmas Appeal here.