CAPTION: People are being asked to pray in their own homes as church buildings are closed

Devon’s churches close with immediate effect to tackle coronavirus

Posted: 23rd March, 2020

Anglican churches across Devon are to close with immediate effect following the Prime Minister’s call for people to stay in their homes in a bid to tackle the spread of coronavirus.

There will also be no church weddings or baptisms.

Funerals at the graveside or in crematoriums can still take place, but only in line with the Prime minister’s Statement.

The Archbishops and Bishops of the Church of England have urged everyone to follow the instructions given by the Prime Minister but they called on the Church to “continue to pray, to love, to care for the vulnerable”.

Churches had remained open for prayer following the suspension of public worship last week but the new stricter restrictions means buildings will now have to be closed.

In a joint statement the bishops said: “In the light of the Government’s measures, announced by the Prime Minister… we urge everyone to follow the instructions given.

“We will give a fuller statement of advice as soon as possible. Let us continue to pray, to love, to care for the vulnerable, and build our communities, even while separated.”

Online church services took place across Devon on Mothering Sunday.

Churches in the county are planning to continue to offer online worship, prayer and community whilst following the Government’s instructions.