CAPTION: The calm after the storm

Finding new energy after ‘Brexit storm’

Posted: 31st January, 2020

Bishop Jackie, the Bishop of Crediton, reflects on how the days and weeks following Brexit could be the ideal time to come together:

Today we leave the European Union. For many months prior to this point we have been in a ‘Brexit storm’, a storm which some have found energising and others threatening.

The image of a storm is often used when relationships or situations are conflicted, and many of us will know from experience that it is hard to think creatively in the midst of such a storm.

It is when the storm calms a little, when the rage of conflict subsides, that people can talk to each other and start to shape their future.

As we leave the EU there is an opportunity to shape the future together.

How do we want to relate to our European neighbours? How do we see ourselves in the world? How do we build bridges in our society?

My prayer is that we may find a fresh creative energy to work together.

I pray for unity of purpose in seeking the good of all in society, in overcoming our divisions and in defending the vulnerable.

I pray we may shape a future that is hopeful for all.