CAPTION: Bishop Robert outlines his vision for 2019 in his garden

Four key aims for Pray, Grow, Serve vision in 2019

Posted: 5th April, 2019

The Bishop of Exeter has taken a tour of his garden to illustrate the Diocese of Exeter’s four key aims for 2019.

In a video shown at the latest Diocesan Synod, Bishop Robert outlined plans to help churches reach out to: children and families, young people aged 17 to 25, people over 55 and those on the fringes of church.

The four aims build on the diocese vision to: Grow in prayer, Make new disciples and Serve the People of Devon with joy.

They were discussed at the Synod, which took place at Exeter’s Westpoint conference centre on 30 March.

The Diocesan Synod is the decision-making body for the Church of England in Devon and is made up of elected members of the clergy and laity (lay church members), plus the county’s three bishops.

Ideas about how to achieve the four aims are set to be agreed at the next synod meeting in June.