CAPTION: Brigit Kiyaga is the Diocese of Exeter's Mission Resource Advisor and has helped set up the Church Grants website

New website to help Devon’s churches get funding

Posted: 26th July, 2019

Devon’s Anglican churches will be able to use the new Church Grants database to search for possible funding for their building and community projects, following a collaboration between the Diocese of Exeter and the team behind Church Grants.

The website describes itself as the “only church and faith-based focused online grant search engine.”

It lists hundreds of local and national funding sources relevant to churches as well as resources to help churches plan a fundraising campaign. There is also an interactive forum where people can ask questions and get advice.

Neil Williams, Finance Director for the Diocese of Exeter, said: “We get frequent requests from churches for advice about what organisations they can apply to for funding.

“We have been working in partnership with Church Grants to get the website up and running.

We are delighted to have been involved with the company to help achieve this.”

The Diocese has signed-up to a three year deal with Church Grants. The Growing the Rural Church project is also contributing to the cost.

Brigit Kiyaga, Mission Resource Advisor for the Diocese, said: “I think Church Grants is a great starting point where people can go to get a process of application going.

“There are a humongous amount of organisations out there which are willing to support our churches with building projects as well as community projects and sometimes we are just not aware of them.

“So Church Grants can help churches to focus on them.”

Churches can log onto the website  to set up an account. You will need your parish number to register, which can be obtained by emailing or phoning Exeter’s Old Deanery reception on 01392 272686 or asking your treasurer or church warden for this.