CAPTION: James Grier, our Mission Enabler, shares a simple idea to brighten other people's lives during lockdown

Shining Lights in Lockdown

Posted: 12th January, 2021

With the Christmas season ending, and 2021 bringing with it a new national lockdown, many are in need of some light in their lives. Rev’d Preb. James Grier, our Diocesan Mission Enabler, has shared a simple way we can bring light to those in our communities.

Place a light in your window to share some light this lockdown

The idea is to simply put a light in your window for others to see as a reminder of Christmas and of Christ’s love. James says he was inspired by Swedish homes which often display light in their windows as a way of connecting with other homes that were physically distant, just as we are during the lockdown.

“A light to offer hope, to say we’re still here.”

James hopes the light will “brighten someone’s day as they walk down the street, and remind people of the light of the world, God himself who is with us, however alone we may feel.”

We would encourage you to help share some light during this lockdown by joining us in displaying a light in your window, to bring some hope to our communities.