CAPTION: The Bishop of Plymouth preached at St Andrews Church for the thanksgiving service of HRH Prince Philip

Plymouth Honours Prince Philip, Lord High Steward of Plymouth and his Naval History

Posted: 15th April, 2021

On Thursday 15 April at 3pm, a service of thanksgiving was held in honour of the late HRH Prince Philip, Lord High Steward of Plymouth, at St Andrews Church in Plymouth. Watch the service here.

The Lord Mayor of Plymouth, Councillor Chris Mavin gave a tribute on behalf of the people of Plymouth.

The Lord Mayor of Plymouth, Councillor Chris Mavin gave a tribute on behalf of the people of Plymouth. Speaking of his visits to Plymouth over the years in different rolls as Captain General, Queen Consort and Lord High Steward of Plymouth.

The Lord Mayor concluded, “His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh was held in great affection and respect by the people of Plymouth and was admired for his commitment to our Queen and country. May he rest in peace.”

Bishop of Plymouth, the Right Rev Nick McKinnel. Recounted how he only once had the honour of meeting His Royal Highness who at the time “spoke without formula or cliché but with humour and with interest.”

Bishop Nick went on “As the Lord High Steward of Plymouth with his naval links this is a city where he felt very at home.

Bishop Nick recalled Prince Philip’s proud connections to Plymouth as Lord High Steward to the city

“In a sense, with the death of Prince Philip we are at the beginning of the passing of an era and that he represented many of the best values of that era.

“Prince Philip could hold those values because his Christian faith enabled him to keep a sense of perspective.

“Life didn’t revolve around him and what he wanted.

“He never publicly complained. He didn’t dwell his problem or inflict them on others.

“He didn’t seek the lime-light instead he accepted the limitations imposed by public service and embodied the call to duty, loyalty tradition.

“As a natural leader who had seen active service in wartime, he had the courage to speak his mind.

A choir sung hymns and the national anthem on behalf of the congregation

“But also, the lack of self-regard to lay aside his own prospects and interests in the service of a greater cause.

“To walk a pace behind the Queen in the service of his nation and his family.”

Parish Priest, Canon Mark O’Keefe, gave the final prayers and the service was closed with a commendation by Bishop Nick and the national anthem.