CAPTION: Staff and volunteers at St Cuthbert Mayne School preparing the food parcels

Volunteers send over 100 food parcels to students on free school meals

Posted: 26th March, 2020

School closures have left many parents whose children usually receive free school meals (FSM) facing uncertainty about food provision.

That’s why a team of volunteers at St Cuthbert Mayne School in Torquay have been collecting,  packing- up and delivering food parcels to the homes of pupils who receive FSM.

So far this week over 100 have been given out.

Over 100 parcels of ingredients to feed FSM students for 5 days

The school’s Chaplain, the Reverend Nathan Kiyaga said “We are providing enough provisions for a family to cook at home for 5 days.

Our Head of Catering, Heidi, has designed a recipe plan so that the family can get more out of the ingredients over 5 days.”

The team was at the school from 0900 on Monday preparing parcels before delivering them to the families.

One parent commented “Thank you for the food parcel, it means a lot.

“We hope you and all of your families keep safe and well. Thank you for all you do, it costs nothing for kindness and care and helping others.

“We all have to pull together, bless you all and thank you all.”

Food parcels being delivered to families by staff and volunteers

Another said “Thank you for what you are doing, we are fine and hope you are all keeping safe. You guys are doing an exceptional job, thank you.”

The school’s headteacher, James Down, said:  “It’s times like these that we see the best in people”

The Diocese of Exeter’s Family Fun Cooking Club page has a number of free to download healthy recipes for families on a budget to cook.

You can also find details about how to safely continue donating food to foodbanks here.