CAPTION: The Parish Giving Scheme is a simple and secure way for churches to receive regular donations.

Devon Church Treasurer Says Parish Giving Scheme is Supporting Parish Mission and Ministry

Posted: 7th September, 2021

John Emerton is the treasurer of St Disen’s church in Bradninch and was was introduced to the Parish Giving Scheme during a Treasurer training session run by the Diocese of Exeter.

John Emerton meeting with Mission Resources Adviser, Brigit Kiyaga, and Administrator, Sarah Owen

He said belonging to the scheme has meant regular income for the church and less administration for him.

He found registering onto the scheme was no problem and the forms were easy to complete.

After registering, he set about talking to people who give regularly to the church about the benefits of the Parish Giving Scheme.

18 people have now signed-up to give monthly through it.

PGS was established as a charity in 2014

Every month the Parish Giving Scheme sends John the figures, including gift aid, which is all calculated without the need to complete and submit gift aid forms.

John said “Donations are paid directly into the church bank account every month and the gift aid shortly after.

“The benefits are regular income and less administration and my advice would be to get on the scheme; within a couple of months you will have less work and administration”.

“These regular donations will help support the mission and ministry of the local parish.”

To find out more about the Parish Giving Scheme and watch the latest video: