Wondering about Prayer, the Bible or Church?

How do I pray?

Prayer is just talking to God, in the same way you would talk to a friend who you knew was really interested in every detail of your life and knew everything about you. You can talk to God anywhere at any time with any words. In fact you don’t even have to put your prayers into words.

Sometimes people find something physical like a candle or a picture can help them to concentrate.

You might like to use some prayers written by others, such as this collection of prayers compiled especially for during this time of the Coronavirus. It includes some prayers for children.

You might like to slowly pray the words of The Lord’s Prayer.

Getting some help with prayer

You can download a great app, which helps you to pray for 7 minutes each day and has a model for prayer based around the letters P R A Y.

Or this simple model of prayer using your hand can be helpful.

It doesn’t matter how you pray. What matters is that you are relating to God who loves you and wants relationship with you.

How do I read the Bible?

The Bible is consistently the best selling book in the world, and we believe that it is God’s word.

It can be a bit overwhelming to just pick it up and read it. So you might find it helpful to use a reading guide, such as reading the Bible in a Year.

This great app created by the Church of England, which is currently free, provides some daily prayers and Bible readings for each day. If you use these readings you will reading the same bit of the Bible as thousands of others across the world.

I’d like to find a church

Whilst some churches are physically closed, many are still meeting online or by phone. Here a few examples of online services you might like to attend.

This is a great website that helps you find a church near you – which is its name. You can search according to location, style or what it offers. If you are looking for a church which will sing old familiar songs or one that sings songs that have only just been written, there will be a church for you. During the current lockdown, it also tells you about churches offering online services.

During lockdown and beyond, if you’d like help finding a church which might suit you, you can email us and tell us where you are and what you’re looking for and we’ll help you with your search.

If you’d like a simple act of worship to do at home, there is one here