The Parables Project

This resource uses the work of modern artist Anne House in order to present a fresh approach to teaching the parables. It focuses on three parables that appear in many Diocesan and Agreed Syllabuses, namely the parables of the Good Samaritan, the Prodigal Son and the Sower. This pack presents a way into these parables that could be adapted and used with other parables of Jesus from the New Testament.

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The Three Parables by the Artist Anne House.

Who is the artist?

Anne House has worked previously as a teacher and lives in Southampton where she attends a local church. She has three grown up children. Anne’s work is based on God’s word and has been exhibited around the world. Her exhibition “New Generation” has been shown extensively in churches, at conferences, in prisons and shopping centres.

Why was this resource produced?

This resource grew out of a concern that the parables of Jesus were not always being taught in a way that faithfully reflected their significance for Christians today. This might be for a number of reasons.

  • We are told that parables are designed to “shock” and “challenge” the hearer, but we have heard the parables of Jesus so many times, that they have, to some extent lost their impact.
  • The parables of Jesus were intended for, and employed imagery relevant to, specific people in specific historical situations. This requires some understanding of the beliefs, values, attitudes and customs of the time.
  • The way the parables have been recorded by the Gospel writers often reflects their own concerns and understanding of Jesus’ message. This is particularly evident where the same parable is recorded in two or more Gospels but with variations.

It is hoped that this pack will enable teachers to provide pupils with an opportunity to:

  • hear the parables of Jesus with fresh ears
  • look at them with fresh eyes
  • explore their meaning(s) in greater depth
  • consider what they might mean or could mean for modern hearers.

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