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The Premises Advice Pack (the “Red Book”) is produced solely for Governing Bodies of Church of England VA Schools in the Diocese of Exeter and as such is strictly confidential.

If you are not a Governing Body of a Church of England VA School in the Diocese of Exeter you may not disclose, distribute, copy or use this document.

Exeter Diocesan Board of Finance Ltd, EDPS Ltd and all group companies accept no legal liability for the information contained within this document to parties other than individual Governing Bodies of Church of England VA Schools in the Diocese of Exeter.

Premises – advice and information


Premises Advice Pack March 2021

Example Schools Premises Development Plan Schedule rev 17

Swimming Pools Guide



Notes on Insurance for CofE VA Schools 2019

Ecclesiastical Insurance Policy Dec 2016

Insurance summary for DCC Schools_2015

Health and Safety and Risk Assessment

alarmPremises Advice Pack Appendix B Asbestos Management Plan & Forms rev 16

Child Protection during building works (rev 16)

Child Protection Matrix (rev 16)

Fire risk assessment guidance

Government fire risk assessment guidance

DCC Legionella Briefing Note 1 & 3 rev 16

Service Level Agreements


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