Church Energy Audits

Register your interest now for a subsidised energy and decarbonisation audit!

We’ve allocated funding in 2023 to subsidise the cost of energy audits to help churches within the Diocese of Exeter work towards net zero. Initially the funding will be prioritised for churches with a higher carbon footprint (see if your church is one here) and we would also like to hear from you if your church has a boiler that is over 10 years old. If your church is neither of the above, don’t worry, please still register and if there is availability you will be able to have an audit.

Please note that we only have a handful of subsidised audits remaining in 2023. We hope to be able to continue to offer this programme in 2024, and will confirm later this year. We expect that the price would rise slightly in 2024.

The audits will be carried out by Inspired Efficiency who have delivered hundreds of audits for churches across the country. The audit will include advice on how to use the building most efficiently based on your needs, identification of better control settings and also potential for draft proofing, LED lighting, insulation and low carbon heating systems appropriate for your church. The audit will also give you the answer as to whether solar PV is a suitable option for your church.

Following the audit, your PCC will receive a decarbonisation report, which will advise how your church could become net zero. This report will also enable you to be prepared when your current heating system is coming to the end of its life and to apply for funding and finance when it becomes available. Although we hope that PCCs will choose to proceed with recommendations, there is no obligation to do so. The information will also be shared with the Diocese of Exeter to help us plan our wider support for churches towards net zero.

Audits will take place later this year, but we need you to register interest as soon as possible so we can coordinate groups of churches within a short driving distance to be visited by Inspired Efficiency on the same day. We would expect that churches receiving an audit will complete the Energy Footprint Tool before the audit takes place, but you do not have to do this before registering interest.

By coordinating groups of churches together we can reduce the audit cost from £700 to £400. Then we will further subsidise the audit by 50%, so the cost to your PCC will only be £200 +VAT. A church hall can be included if it is part of the main church building, however if it is separate with a separate heating system it will have to be treated as a separate audit and require another fee.

You can watch a webinar with Matt Fulford from Inspired Efficiency here. We are very fortunate to have IE on board, they are much in demand across the country as they are widely recognised as providing the best church audits which are fully aligned with the National Routemap to Net Zero by 2030.

If you have any questions or need advice or support, please do not hesitate to contact Sophie Phillips, Net Zero Carbon Officer



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