Eco Church

Arocha UK is a Christian charity working for the protection and restoration of the natural world, and is committed to equipping Christians and churches in the UK to care for the environment. See also Arocha International. This 43 minute video on ‘How can my church become net carbon zero?‘ by Green Christian and Climate Stewards is really helpful and informative.

Their Eco-Church award scheme allows churches to register and work towards the bronze, silver and gold awards.

  1. Register your church
  2. Complete the survey
  3. Claim the relevant award, and work towards the next one!
  4. If you have any questions, please contact our Social Justice and Creation Care Officer, Lydia Perris.
  5. To see an interactive map of churches which have worked towards Eco-Church awards, please follow this link.
  6. If your church or parish has completed an Eco-Church award, please do fill in this Arocha form with your experience.

Calculating your individual carbon footprint is a great way to understand how you can reduce your emissions. Do check out these calculators from ClimateHero, WWF and Climate Stewards.

Please contact our Creation Care team if you are involved with the eco-church work at your church, or have any comments or questions – we are here to help you!