Generosity Week 2022

NEWSLETTER ISSUE 9 Generosity Week 2022 will be run nationally between 25th September and 2nd October but you can run your Generosity Week at anytime.  For inspiration, before you start planning, you can view the Introduction to Generosity Week video and the webinar recording of How to run a Generosity Week.

Generosity Week in 5 steps

1.  Promote Generosity Week Customisable resources including flyers, graphics for social media and a video generator to upload to A Church Near You
2.  Reflections and Activities Download the podcasts from all the major platforms.  Podcasts are accompanied by a daily reflection and activity.
3.  Resources The full range of resources for the week including how to run your generosity week and service materials
4.  Liturgy Bible readings, sermon starters, song suggestions and prayers for services on the themes of generosity and gratitude
5.  What happens next? A Giving review is a simple way to celebrate successes in giving as well as plan for the coming year.

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The newsletters have ideas about how to share generosity with and inspire those around us.

Community Engagement

Clothes swaps and litter picks aren’t big or dramatic but are excellent examples of acts of generosity and kindness in a wider community.  We can easily focus on the scarcity of things rather than celebrate the abundance of God’s generosity in everything around us.   As we approach Harvest, why not celebrate the abundance of God’s generosity in hosting a community supper for everyone to enjoy or explore the historical generosity and legacies that have helped shape our communities.

Children and Young people

Resources for groups of 5-11 and 11-18 year olds to explore at Sunday School, Youth Groups or classrooms.  There are activities that will allow them to think about as well as demonstrate What generosity means to children and young people Join the Generosity Week Challenge and show God’s love to the world
The resources  are a framework for children’s, youth and families workers as well as teachers in schools to use, adapt and breathe life into their understanding and remember God’s love and generosity to us.

The focus is Proverbs 3 v1-10 with activities, ice breakers and games to explore the passages.

Peace, Love, Trust, Kindness and Give


The Diocese of Leeds has resources to start to explore stewardship with Children and Young People

Share your experiences of generosity and your celebrations of Generosity Week with us

Generosity Week is so much more than a week and these resources can be used throughout the year to help all of us have a deeper understanding of God’s generosity towards us and how we can live more generously in our daily lives.